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We hope you will think of us when you are in need of experienced Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO), consulting or design services. Likewise, we encourage you to contact us for your storm water testing needs. We can be of service for a wide range of land development projects.

Our associates include professional civil engineers, licensed professional surveyors, soil scientists, and other environmental specialists. If your project requires consultation on endangered species or wetlands, we can help. With the relationships we have developed, we can put together a team to meet your project's specific needs.

Company Profile

Berks Envirotech, Inc. was established in 1978 and currently serves 10 municipalities in Berks and Lancaster Counties as their Sewage Enforcement Agency. As a small, local enforcement firm, one of Berks Envirotech’s strengths is quick response and close communications with Township staff and residents. Our fee schedule is very competitive. Our office is centrally located in Berks County allowing short driving time to projects within local municipalities. A close relationship between the SEO and municipal employees is fostered through regular communication and personal visits. Attendance at Board of Supervisor meetings is requested by some of our municipalities and we are happy to provide that service.

Berks Envirotech, Inc. will remain focused on specializing in municipal sewage enforcement, particularly the development and administration of Sewage Management Programs (SMPs). At the same time, our sister company, Envirotech and Associates, Inc. will offer design and consulting services to private entities as well as engineering services to municipal authorities and municipal code enforcement services including property maintenance, building codes and zoning.

Envirotech & Associates, Inc. was established in 1985 and currently serves as Property Maintenance and Zoning Code Enforcement Officer for the Township of Cumru in Berks County. Envirotech & Associates, Inc. along with our sister company, Berks Envirotech, Inc., has been concerned primarily with municipal code enforcement and is responsible for design engineering and consulting. Envirotech & Associates, Inc. represents the Perry Township Municipal Authority and has taken the Authority all the way through Act 537 planning to design, approval, installation and inspection of a low pressure sewer collection system to serve the Mohrsville Road Corridor. We continue to provide engineering services to the Perry Township Municipal Authority. Envirotech & Associates designed the expansion for the Borough of Tremont’s sewer collection and treatment system. We provided inspection services there as well and saw the project through to completion. We also administered design and construction services for a wastewater treatment system to serve the Delaware County Solid Waste Authority landfill. We have designed hundreds of on-lot sewage disposal systems for residential as well as commercial applications as far away as New Jersey and Florida.

We also offer storm water testing using the Guelph Permeometer, an approved method that is more accurate and efficient than the double ring method that is often used.